We are a Colorado based company that specializes in fast paced challenging rivers. We have two offices on two of Colorado’s most popular rivers. Our first location is on Clear Creek; a steep technical stream located in the mountains 30 miles west of Denver. Clear Creek drops an average of 67 feet per vertical mile with up to 100+ feet on our advanced section and the rapids are very continuous. Our second location is at the Royal Gorge on the Arkansas River. This is a larger volume river nestled deep within a 1000-foot gorge. The scenery is spectacular, the rapids are challenging.


 We are hiring for multiple positions for our 2018 season including First Year Guides, Experienced Guides, Drivers and Office Staff. Contact us at work@clearcreekrafting.com or 303-567-1000 to ask questions or to apply!



Be a vital component of our organization. You will: answer phones, provide information, take reservations, greet guests, take money, sell and stock merchandise, and do misc. paperwork. You must be: enthusiastic, flexible, organized, detail-orientated, have basic computer skills, possess good communication skills and have an interest in outdoor recreation. We will train applicants who demonstrate an aptitude for fast-paced, high energy, sales oriented work.  Call 303-567-1000 or email work@clearcreekrafting.com today for more information or to apply.


We are looking for drivers who wish to spend their summer enjoying the outdoors. You will perform pre and post trip inspections, drive customers to and from the river, assist the guides and provide shore support at difficult rapids. You must be at least 24 years of age, have a valid class B CDL with P2 endorsement and have experience backing a trailer. Come be a vital part of our organization. We will train applicants who are flexible and have an interest in outdoor recreation. Call 303-567-1000 or email work@clearcreekrafting.com today for more information or to apply.


Each season we offer a guide training program for new guides in which we will teach the skills required to become a Colorado qualified river guide. We typically train a very small number of first year guides which provides for a very personal and in depth progam. Our traning program exceeds minimum state standards. Call 303-567-1000 or email work@clearcreekrafting.com today for more information or to apply.


We are looking for experienced guides with positive attitudes who possess paddle boat skills on class IV to IV+ whitewater. We pride ourselves in having excellent guides, providing good work conditions, compensating well, and in having a friendly approachable atmosphere for our staff. Call 303-567-1000 or email work@clearcreekrafting.com today for more information or to apply.

What previous employees say about us:

“I have known John Rice for 9 years and during that time I have progressed from a first year raft guide in training to a senior guide and finally, a member of the U.S. Rafting Team. I believe my accomplishments as a guide are a direct result of John progressively challenging me to excel on the water as a guide while never assigning me trips that were over my head. I first trained as a raft guide with John and immediately noticed he was an incredibly skilled raft guide and excellent teacher. I worked for John for six consecutive summers and have spent close to 200 days on the river with him. Not only is John a talented raft guide, but John also manages all river operations from the river, which is rare in the rafting business. John is always in-tune with his guides because he is always on the water with them. John has also set up a standard of competence in each of his guides that is un-matched in the state. I truly feel that John puts the most qualified river guides on the river each and every year and he accomplishes this by training his guides and continuously challenging them to excel. Clear Creek Rafting somehow manages to organize and simplify the totally chaotic job of scheduling and allocating trips for guides. In the early and late season, trips are allocated very fairly and there are very few gripes regarding who gets what trip. If you work for Clear Creek Rafting you can be assured that you will be busy, but still be able to have time off when it is needed. The largest asset of Clear Creek Rafting is the level of the whitewater you will guide on everyday. Clear Creek is arguably the most difficult river in the nation to guide and no company knows it better than Clear Creek Rafting. Clear Creek guides are daily seen on Class II to Class IV water and are seen running the Class V in their backyard in the evenings. The low volume steep and technical moves require precise guiding and teamwork and ultimately, produce guides with top-notch skills. After taking the skills I learned on Clear Creek to rivers all over the nation, the skills needed to guide the whitewater seemed pail compared to the skills needed on Clear Creek. Another asset of working with Clear Creek Rafting is the diversity of the rivers you will guide on and be exposed to. Clear Creek guides are commonly found running cutting edge whitewater all over the state. It comes as no surprise that Clear Creek Rafting has placed first or second in every raft race they have entered in the state since the company has been in business and sent a team to a fifth place finish in the World Rafting Championships in Chile in 2000. You can be assured that working for Clear Creek Rafting will challenge you to become a better guide and give you a chance to work with the elite guides of the industry. I recommend you consider Clear Creek Rafting as a place of employment and hope your work for Clear Creek proves to be as rewarding as the seven seasons I worked for John.”
Shane Sigle, raft guide 9 years, USA Rafting Team 2000, USA Canoe and Kayak Team Alternate C-2 1999,2000

“As a professional river guide looking into a new company I would want to ask three questions:
– Will I be challenged?
– Will I be paid well?
– Will I be respected?
The answers for Clear Creek Rafting Company are Yes, Yes, and Yes! The unique part about working for the creek is becoming part of a family that will give back all that you give them.”
Scott Hace, river guide 6 years
“I have worked for Clear Creek Rafting and they are AWESOME! I won’t even tell you about the Subway deal, the Safeway deal and … But I will tell you they run a smooth operation. The pay is first rate and it’s hard to beat having days off in Colorado! The owner John Rice is professional, polite and easy to work with. Hope to see you there.Peter Hanson, river guide 8 years

“Clear Creek has some of the most technical and demanding rapids commercially rafted. The creek is steep, with continuous gradient and channelized to drops – similar the B’hote Khosi in Nepal. For the experienced guide, Clear Creek offers the opportunity to hone solid guiding skills and to be challenged on every trip. The creek will make you good…. there is not a lot of margin for error. If you make mistakes you will be spanked. Despite that Clear Creek runs along the highway corridor there are still many beautiful and isolated sections. The fact that the creek is accessible has allowed rafting difficult whitewater with commercial clients to flourish. It also means a minimal amount of time spent riding in buses. A thriving client base from the Denver Metro area, as well as heavy tourist traffic, ensures the ability to stay busy and make good money.
Clear Creek Rafting Co. is renowned for having some of the best guides in Colorado. In addition to having a dominating presence on Clear Creek, the company holds permits for most of the classic rivers in the state with opportunities to run all sections of the Arkansas River including the Royal Gorge and Pine Creek/Numbers, as well as Gore Canyon of the Colorado River.”
Matt Terry, river guide 9 years